What our customers write about April

Testimonial #1 for April M Rimpo's Artwork

"Your paintings capture scenes at a gut level showing not just the subject but the emotion and story behind it. The detail you show is almost like a photograph and the attention to lighting is pure genius. I think this one (Morning in NYC) is my second favorite so far- the one with the line of bicycles (can't remember the name) is my most favorite!" 

Kristin Perona

Testimonial#2 for April M Rimpo's Artwork

"I have always loved your work (which is why we have 3 pieces hanging in our wine lounge.) Looks like things are going really well and I am so happy for you. Continued success." 

Linda Cunha

Testimonial for Mentorship: Explore Styles to Discover Your Artist's Voice

"Thank you, April, for the wonderful learning experiences I’ve had as a student participating in your mentorship series. In the past, I have taken so many workshops that were useful in learning various techniques and different styles of painting, but it began to feel as if I was doing more duplicating than creating. I’d never really figured out who I was as a painter. Under your tutelage, I’ve definitively learned what style of painting feels most natural to me. I especially enjoyed learning from you in a small group setting, as you were able to give each of us the time we needed for questions & answers during our individual critiques. And your module on using/creating color (along with your suggestions) was invaluable to me as I created my own work from photo to finished painting. I’m excited to start the next one!" 

Sandy Burns

Testimonial for "Business for Artists" Classes

"April, thank you so much for sharing all of your valuable information with us! I’ve enjoyed taking the two classes from you." 

Arlene Mindus

Testimonial for April's Painting Classes

"My work has been traditionally transparent watercolor or oil, but seldom mixed media. After your workshop and a painting trip to Cuba, I was inspired (by your workshop) to break out and work in acrylic & watercolor to capture some impressions of Habana.
Your technique worked perfectly in trying to capture the crumbling effects of time and nature on the architecture, and the stenciled effects used as a metaphor to express the "fenced-in" lack of freedom of the individual. So, thank you for that experience. As a life long art educator, I know it's nice to know how far your influence can extend."

Gail B. White

Commissioned Painting

From a purchaser of a commissioned painting:
"Your beautiful painting arrived today! I am beyond excited to give it to Carl. It will be difficult to wait until Christmas to show him. Everything arrived in perfect condition. The prints look awesome, also. Thank you so much."
Claudia White

From a recipient of the commissioned painting: 
"WOW! That painting is fantastic! I love it! It really captures the feel of (the location). And, I knew right away who the people were once I saw them! At first I thought it was a purchased picture until I saw the family, though I'd never seen one like it before. A wonderful surprise!"

R. Perona

Testimonial #1: Art Meets Word - Ekphrastic Poetry

..., yesterday afternoon was about as good as it gets for an ekphrastic event...every poet has texted me or emailed me about the joy felt amongst the group. Thank you ladies for your beautiful pieces that inspire us to write. 💜

Patti Ross - Poet, Spoken Artist, Author, and 
Owner of Ellicott City Poetry & Prose

Testimonial #2: Art Meets Word - Ekphrastic Poetry

“Thank you to you both for giving me another way to express, share, grow and meet others. Means so much. 

Lisa Cole

Testimonial for "Creative ART Coaching with April M Rimpo & Elaine Weiner-Reed

"Thank you both for your great generosity of knowledge and kindness and encouragement ...and preparation and information ...Still catching my breath from the great session ...” 

Brenda K.


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