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Archival prints are available from my print store in MD Art Galleries.  You can search by painting title or category (landscape, figurative, animals, decorative or abstract). You can also use keywords to search for only watercolor, acrylic, or mixed media. I have used the medium designation of mixed media when my original painting was a combination of watercolor and acrylic.

Prints are available on watercolor paper or canvas in a variety of sizes, including a custom size to fit your space. If you want your watercolor print framed, you can order the mat and framing. Canvas prints have a choice of depth of the canvas and whether you have the image wrapped around the edge, as solid color or your choice, or a white edge.

Watercolor prints can be mounted on a firm surface. My favorite surface is Sintra. If mounted, you need the print to be varnished. I suggest you request double varnishing in your comments, or request it be shipped to me so I can varnish it for you. With varnish you can frame the print without glass or PlexiglasTM. Without varnish you will need one of these protective surfaces to keep moisture off the surface that would ruin the print.

Archival prints are created using inks, watercolor paper or canvas that have been tested for permanence. The inks won't fade, and the surfaces will not yellow with age. It is important to me that your art print doesn't fade in 5 to 10 years, which you may have experienced in the past with other prints. This is why I source my prints through MD Arts Galleries. You can visit their parent organization, Archival Arts to learn more about them.

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