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They're Everywhere

by April M. Rimpo

30" x 24" x " | Acrylic on Paper gallery wrapped & varnished | $2,000.00

Status: Available

Current Location: April's Studio

Gallery wrapped painting where the image continues around the edges. 30" X 24" Two of my favorite things combine in They're Everywhere: the colors of pigeons and painting with drips and splatters to create the illusion of a rocky cliff. I know, so many people think pigeons are pests, but I love their iridescent colors. I'm also amazed that no matter where I travel I see pigeons. I've done paintings of pigeons in Italy, Seattle, New Jersey, and now Colorado. They're Everywhere was particularly fun because of the way I created the background of this painting. I started by spraying water on the paper letting the water run in all directions, making rivers of water the went across and down the page, weaving a random pattern on the page. I then dropped on color, either with a brush or by using a pipette, and tipped the paper to make the colors blend randomly following the path of the water. I also added some splatters here and there that became the shadowed spots on the cliffs. After drying I continued painting to refine the cliffs, but many of the random cracks in the rocks and shadows were already established from the first wet-into-wet wash.



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