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#0C 1083 041

Street in Solola

by April M. Rimpo

24" x 14" x " | watercolor on paper | $790.00

Status: Available

Current Location: April's Studio

Arrives in a 31" X 20" brushed silver frame. Award winning painting Unlike many of the men in the central highlands of Guatemala, the men in Sololá tend to wear their indigenous clothes. Their black and white jackets include a design that represents a bat-– the symbol of the last Cackchiquel dynasty. They also wear striped trousers with black wool over the pants, a waistband, an apron and tzute, a black felt or straw hat, and leather sandals. You can see the man in the foreground follows these traditions. The women wear the traditional Huipil (pronounced wee-peel), which is the Spanish word for the traditional blouses. In Sololá the Huipil has red stripes rather than flower designs found in other parts of Guatemala. Their skirts are a dark-blue with embroidered stripes of many colors. As always the colors of the town as well as their traditions called to me to share them. Street to Sololá is my homage to this town.



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